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David Veras - Independent Beachbody CoachFrom: David Veras
Fitness Expert & Author
Independent Team Beachbody Coach 

Before I continue I want to let you know that it’s NOT YOUR FAULT if you’re not in the shape you want to be in.

Here are some of problems people encounter when they “try” to get in shape…

– Weight Loss Lies & Untrue “Facts”

I talk to a lot people about their weight loss problems and one thing that happens to come up a lot is all the miss-information there is out there… and this information available  looks legit!

For example, I came across a “weight loss wrap” Advertisement. Weight loss wraps do not work. Any weight you do lose is water weight… BUT yet the ad claimed was packed by scientist and doctors.

Everything comes down to money these days and some people will sell you anything for a chance at a quick buck. Even if it’s a lie!

– Not Knowing How To REALLY Workout

When I used to head to a gym (Which I occasionally still do, to switch up my workouts.) I would see people who would go WEEKS or even MONTHS without ever seeing big changes.

Of course diet is involved but if your workouts aren’t short, sweet, and intense… you’re missing out and wasting time.

There are usually two “workout programs” that these people who never get the results they are looking for would do.

1. The person who spends ALL of their time doing cardio brain dead cardio. The person who goes to the gym gets on a bike for an hour and does a little bit of abs. EVERYDAY.

They do this because either beacuse they don’t know better or they don’t know better. 

2. The person who has been doing the same workout routine for YEARS. They are expecting different results yet they do the same thing over and over.

Putting a great workout together isn’t easy and few know how to do it correctly.

You are busy with your life, why would you have to be workout pro too?

– Not Having A Good Coach

Psst, I’m going to tell you a little secret. You can hire a certified fitness trainer and still got get real advice that works.

Not all personal trainers are the same. Some are just looking for a job and will pretend to like/know something to earn a living.

You should look for a personal trainer who walks the talk AND that has a proven track record. Cough, cough. 😉

– Not Knowing What To Eat

Ok, this is close to the first point I made about having a lot of mis information out there. Those were scams… what if you’re too smart for scams?

Maybe you already know that results only come exercise and good eating plan.

BUT you don’t know what a good eating plan is!

They don’t even

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For example, I was

If you’re

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