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How To Get Results FASTER

Ok, in this video I’m going to get a little selfish and promote my own fat loss program. I know it could help thousands maybe even millions of people who want an EASY step by step program to lose fat and keep it off. It’s just too easy with my program Fat Loss Made Simple.…

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The Only Piece Of Equipment You Need To Lose Fat At Home

You don’t need expensive equipment. You don’t need need anything you plug in. You don’t NEED anything at all! In this video I show you the one piece of equipment I recommend to protect your joints while working out! Your joints will thank you and you’ll see how your workouts can actually IMPROVE! How? If…

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What The Heck is REVERSE Buyers Remorse?

It’s something I just made up but it sounds good enough to work so it might be a thing. Not only that but you might actually feel it! Tonight is the last day to sign up for my Power 90 Challenge group. I can already tell this group is going to kick some more booty.…

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7 Foods That Will Give You A Flat Stomach Despite Their Fatty Nature

There are seven superfoods that people often mistake for being unhealthy because of the name. However, these foods, which may seem unhealthy, are actually quite good for the body because it can quickly burn the fat and help you to get lean. So, what are these superfoods that you should consider adding to your diet?…

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Fat Loss Secret #8 – The BEST Food For Fat Loss

Hey, Sandra the other day (one of my training clients) was at the grocery store. She got confused and called me over something I’m sure most people go through when trying to “shop healthy food.” She asked me whether to buy “low fat” foods or “low sugar” foods. She was wrong to ask me both…

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Fat Loss Secret #7 – The TRUTH About Abs

I know this one is going to surprise you. And… I already KNOW you’re going to like this video. I’m about to drop some truth bombs today about it really takes to get abs. You’ll be in a land of “whoa, gotta write that down, thanks” pretty soon. Watch this video below if you EVER…

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Fat Loss Secret #6 – Burn More In Less Time With These Exercises

Ok, Chances are, your workouts could be better. What’s better?  Getting better results AND in less time. Get more compliments on how fit you are and have more chances to catch up on life. :] Sounds like another David Veras WIN/WIN situation. I LOVE THOSE!! Here’s today video… I’m going to demonstrate good form so…

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Fat Loss Secret #5 – How To Track Your Progress Without Ever Getting Fustrated

Hey, Do you weigh yourself? Are you getting frustrated by the scale numbers going up and down and you can’t control it? Good, you’re not supposed to. And.. weighing yourself is just about the WORST way to track your progress. In today’s video I’m going to show you why weighing yourself is the worse way…

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Fat Loss Secret #4 – Feel Full Longer

I love food. I love food so much that on my cheat day I’ll knock myself out by eating too much. This last cheat day for me I bought the biggest Subways Sub I could with THREE cookies… Yum. This is only on my cheat day though. I normally eat lots of ___________ to feel fuller…

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Fat Loss Secret #3 – Workout Pace

Let’s keep this thing rolling! Today I’m going to show you my third fat loss secret. I’m going to show you how to workout for less time and get way better results. Is that worth watching? Fat Loss Made Simple is a program that you can start at home without any equipment. You’ll save time…

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